RECARO at diverse locations


In addition to the actual job, a number of other factors naturally also play a major role when choosing an employer.

With their different faces, advantages, and attractions, our site locations are just as diverse as the RECARO Group is as an employer:

Stuttgart (RECARO Holding and RECARO Child Safety)
Marktleugast (RECARO Child Safety)



Stuttgart isn’t just home to one of the world’s largest automobile museums, but it also happens to have the highest number of registered patents in Europe.

The Swabian metropolis is impressive with its many panoramic lookout points and hills, where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Home & Living

From the trendy west to the vibrant south to green Killesberg in the north, Stuttgart’s 23 neighborhoods offer all kinds of people a place to call home.

Even though rents and home prices aren’t exactly inexpensive, reasonable prices can be found in the suburbs and outlying areas.

Thanks to the outstanding public transportation network, living outside of central Stuttgart and the particularly popular neighborhoods can be a worthwhile alternative ― especially for those who value metropolitan flair in their work lives, but prefer greener surroundings in their personal lives.

As the state capital, Stuttgart is well connected to all important major cities and business regions in Europe by train, plane, bus, and an extensive autobahn network.

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Leben am ruhigen Stadtrand oder in der pulsierenden City - beides ist in Stuttgart möglich

Children & Family

Stuttgart has over 500 municipal and independently-operated day care facilities for children ranging in age from infants to 14 years old.

Stuttgart also has a wide array of full-day and half-day schools as well as Gemeinschaftsschulen (comprehensive schools), after-school programs for school-aged children, activities during school holidays, vocational schools, and universities. There are also numerous private universities offering a diverse range of courses.
The housing subsidy programs, the initiative Kinderfreundliches Stuttgart (“Child Friendly Stuttgart”), and an increasing number of intergenerational projects are especially appealing for families.

More information (only in German) is available here.

Leisure & Culture

Stuttgart is one of the greenest major cities in Europe.

The state capital is located in the midst of vineyards and forests. Numerous parks and green spaces are extremely inviting to residents and tourists alike.

This is where the people of Stuttgart come for peace, relaxation, and recreation ―
for example in the Weißenburg Park, the Hohenheimer Gardens, or even on the downhill mountain bike track in the heart of the city. The Swabian Jura mountain range, Lake Constance, and the Black Forest are perfect nearby destinations for a day trip.

With the popular Stadtstrand city beach, well-known vineyards and mineral spas, around 80 festivals, diverse culinary hotspots and shopping choices, as well as a broad range of cultural and sports activities and events, Stuttgart has something for every taste, every age, and nearly every interest.

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Marktleugast is located in the heart of the Franconian Forest and delights its roughly 3,250 residents and abundant tourists with a widespread network of hiking trails set in a charming and diverse landscape.

Home & Living

Upper Franconia offers an exceptional value for the money ― especially when it comes to housing and the cost of living.

The many sport and leisure activities as well as the diverse cultural attractions in the nearby cities of Bayreuth and Kulmbach make Marktleugast an appealing location for families and singles.

Information about Marktleugast is available (only in German) here.

Wohnen im malerischen Oberfranken

Children & Family

Thanks to the most important public institutions such as the preschool, elementary school, and lower secondary school (Hauptschule) as well as various sports clubs, families feel especially at home here.

In addition to the full-service preschool, nearby Bayreuth offers extensive programs and activities for children.

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Leisure & Culture

Marktleugast is appealing with its beautiful forest and meadow hiking trails, pond landscapes, and lovely springs. The region is perfect for recreational hikers and passionate trekkers.

The many local clubs (42 in Marktleugast alone) and organizations offer abundant activities with everything from soccer to gymnastics to model planes and much more.

A special highlight in the winter is the Klausenlift ski slopes in the Fichtel Mountains just 40 km (approx. 25 miles) away, which are open until 10:00 p.m. for after-work skiing.

The world-famous opera house in Bayreuth is also nearby, along with gorgeous palaces and the historic Eremitage park with its enchanted grottoes and fountains.

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Ski- und Snowboard wenige Minuten vom Arbeitsplatz
Jedes Jahr finden im Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus die Bayreuther Festspiele statt