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Issue No. 001 // Serial 4

Setting all children in motion//
Monza Nova IS
Young Sport Hero

RECARO Guardia Babyschale im Auto

Setting all
children in

Setting all children in motion.

A lot of items need to be bought once a baby is on the way. Some are more worthwhile than others, a growing, long-lived child car seat is an excellent investment.

A child car seat is like a friend, a helper, a protector. From age one through to twelve, families need comfort and above all, the highest possible safety standards. What makes parent‘s lives that much easier? Child car seats that grow with their baby and are effortlessly installed into their car. They adapt to the child’s development and the parent‘s needs, not the other way round. Parents who also enjoy design and ingenious features will love our childhood heroes, the Young Sport HERO and Monza Nova IS.

The next generation – Young Sport HERO

Perfect for use after the Guardia infant car seat, our Young Sport HERO is the perfect companion for your little ones. It is suitable for children weighing up to 36 kilogrammes and stays with your family for many years. Simple handling, a long service life and maximal flexibility through ever-changing developmental stages, make this seat our best-selling product.

Function meets Fun – Monza Nova IS

The Monza Nova IS provides maximum on-board safety. The growing child car seat with its integrated impact shield absorbs impact energy and reduces the risk of injury. It offers all-round protection for children aged nine months to approx. twelve years. The highlight of this seat is our innovative, integrated RECARO sound system. Use an audio cable to connect your tablet or smartphone directly to the seat and play your child’s favorite music or audiobook directly from the headrest. The children will be entertained and you get some extra peace of mind.

Monza Nova IS

Safety first

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Young Sport HERO

The next generation

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Sit with distinction.

We are proud of the many awards we have won. Not because of their media impact, sales figures or the fancy award ceremonies. We are proud of them for the sole reason that every prize and every honor functions as a barometer for our most important concern: parents’ satisfaction with our products.


The Zero.1 Elite receives the golden German Design Award in 2017.

iF Design Award

 In 2016, our Zero.1 was distinguished with the iF Design Award in the category “Babies + Children”.

Innovation wins big

The Plus X Award, an innovation prize for products from the fields of technology, sport and lifestyle.

Only the best

 Stiftung Warentest and ADAC experts declared our RECARO Zero.1 i-Size the winner of the category for children “up to 4 years” in 2017. 

RECARO Citylife and Young Sport HERO win awards

In 2016 the RECARO Citylife won gold in the category “best travel system under £500“. 

triple winner

In 2016, the RECARO products Citylife, Monza Nova 2 Seatfix and Young Sport HERO were awarded gold and twice platinum – in the category “travel”.

“The award highlights what we have achieved over the course of the past years.
Our brand strategy is truly paying off.”

Patrick Gevelmann, Director Brand & Marketing RECARO Child Safety


The recommendations from our favourite children’s bookshop are educational, aesthetically pleasing and sure to inspire the imagination of your little ones. BUCHSTÄBCHEN in Stuttgart may be the loveliest bookshop for families in the whole city. Its owner, interior designer Myriam Kunz, has filled the shelves of her store with a lot of love, taste and a thorough understanding for her tiny customers and their demanding parents.

Book recommendations:


Carefully contemporary and lovingly illustrated, Grimm breathes new life into the classic German fairy tales, they have lost none of their magic. A literary experience for readers and listeners alike, with drawing from select illustrators.

The Museum of Me

What is a museum, really? A little girl visits many different museums – with wonder, awe and a lot of dreams. But her own, favourite museum is right at home, where she is surrounded by her own, valued possessions. Emma Lewis’ youthful illustrations and the interactive entertainment give children a playful introduction to museums and collections.

Audiobook recommendation:

Little Bear: All Adventures

If you want to know how Little Bear’s grandmother sends Little Bear a kiss and how very far her kiss travels on its way, listen to this collection of all adventures.

Experience the combination of functionality, ergonomy and esthetics.

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