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Simple and safe //
From baby to toddler

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RECARO Guardia Babyschale im Auto


Simple and Safe

From baby to toddler.

Children outgrow their baby shoes and seats at a body weight of nine kilogrammes. Adventurous parents can start planning the first exciting trips with their curious explorers – who are considerably less likely to sleep peacefully through every road trip at this stage. Parents are frequently left wide-eyed with wonder at the speed at which their child develops. It seems like only yesterday that their little one spent all of their time lying down, babbling and failing to grip things by herself. All of a sudden, they are sitting upright on the back seat, demanding food and (light) entertainment! No matter how long your journey takes, there is a lot of fun to be had on the road.

Optiafix – a safe choice

A great follow-up for the infant car seat, this test winner (Group I, 06/2016) with its integrated Isofix base boasts a subdued, aesthetic design and offers optimal safety thanks to a HERO seatbelt system and innovative side impact protection (ASP).


Safe and simple

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Our expert advice.

Have a safe trip:


1. Two fingers’ breadth:
Fastening all seatbelts properly is non-negotiable even in hot weather. Rule: to guarantee optimal protection, no more than two fingers’ breadth should remain between the seatbelt and your child.

2. A perfect fit:
check the ECE label on the back of each child car seat to find out its weight class. If the maximum permissible weight is exceeded or your child’s head protrudes more than two fingers’ breadth above the headrest, you need to buy a larger seat.

3. Safest spot:
the seat behind the passenger is the safest both on the road and when exiting or entering the vehicle, as it is located on the side of the pavement, away from passing traffic.

“Innovation is vital for companies. Offer your employees a workplace that allows them to develop a passion for their work and cultivate a trusting relationship with all members of staff – their innovative creativity will surge. Employees need to experiment and learn from their mistakes – this type of working environment can be called a culture of innovation.”

Michael Heimrich, Head of Innovation RECARO Child Safety

Are we there yet?

The stash of snacks is dwindling rapidly, all nursery rhymes have been sung at least twice and the parents are desperate for a break. Our travel tips and products can save the day.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

A hot drink in your hands, an audiobook on play for your children – your holidays are almost here! All the better if your drink of choice stays hot all the way in a thermos. Now imagine you could drink from that thermos as though it were your own coffee mug at home! This model with its innovative 360-degree click function may just make your dream come true. Free from BPA and phthalates. About

At home on the back seat

Cosy comforters and cushions
are essential for relaxed naps
and they are stylish to boot!

Top priority: your own needs.

The boundaries between work and private life are becoming increasingly blurred. Ambitious employees and the self-employed often remain available at all hours; they check their e-mails constantly on their mobile devices and even participate in telephone conferences from their holiday destinations. Regular “digital detox” – time spent without the internet, e-mails or social media is all the more important. Instead, devote a few hours to playing with your children, exercising, enjoying a delicious meal and simply being inspired by the world around you. Your concentration and creativity will thank you.


Finally, a lamp that moves to your task’s location. This wireless lightweight lamp illuminates any room and any nook turned office for up to 100 hours on just one battery charge. Your living room, the kitchen table, the children’s room, even the bath – the sky is (literally) the limit when choosing your next mobile office. About

Experience the combination of functionality, ergonomy and esthetics.

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