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Ingenious combination //
Zero.1, Zero.1 Elite 
Get parents back into their comfort zone

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RECARO Guardia Babyschale im Auto

Zero.1 Elite

The ingenious

Get modern parents back into their comfort zone.

Life with a child is full of surprises and every day is different. Our innovative child car seats grant parents a new sense of flexibility.

Ever moving, ever changing. Living with children brings as many challenges as it brings rewarding experiences. Children turn plans upside down and transform your everyday life into a little adventure, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Family life is a multi-faceted network spanning the needs of your child, your career, daycare arrangements, grandparents, friends and personal space. When your life turns into an exciting journey, you cannot compromise on equipment. Approved for children from birth up to a height of 105 centimetres, our i-Size child car seats are reliable companions for these early years.


Rear-facing infant car seats are a popular choice for the first months of your baby’s life. Little passengers up to the age of 15 months must face the rear of the vehicle by law. Once your child outgrows their regular infant car seat, you are faced with a decision, keep transporting your child in a rear-facing seat or switch to a forward-facing variety? Our Zero.1 i-Size child car seat solves this problem elegantly. It provides your baby with comfort and safety from the day they are born up until they reach a height of 105 cm. Thanks to its sophisticated 360° rotation, it can rear-face or front-face – turning it around is a matter of seconds.


Zero.1 Elite

An infant car seat is one of the first and most necessary pieces of baby equipment. Expecting parents consider it one of the most important purchases. We agree with them, so we developed our Zero.1 Elite, which takes infant and toddler mobility to the next level. It is the first product to combine the comfort and protection of a fully fledged Group-I child car seat with all benefits of an infant seat. This 2-in-1 seat by RECARO is a true world innovation, offering modern parents a bit of extra freedom. At a weight of only 2.9 kilogrammes, the seat is extremely light and easily lifted into or out of the car. The 360° rotation function allows you to turn the seat towards the car door, making it easier to mount the seat and once your child is old enough, enter the car. The Zero.1 Elite can be used as a rear-facing seat from birth until the age of 15 months. From then on, you can decide whether you prefer your child to be rear- or forward-facing when travelling.

Zero.1 Elite

The ingenious combination

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“This seat is an excellent manifestation of Ingenious Design – our RECARO term for the perfect combination of function, ergonomics and aesthetics.”

The RECARO Zero.1 Elite was designed by Tomas Grupp, Industrial Designer.

Hello, work/life balance!

Life with children is characterised by constant change; it transforms our perception permanently. Both futureand family-oriented thinking is our idea of innovation. Our examples prove that modern work and family time are not mutually exclusive.

The spatial and temporal separation of work and family create new space for self-realisation, both in the private and professional sphere.

A solid achievement

The Stuttgart-based architecture firm VON M is creating innovation – in the form of a daycare centre with a modern design, great energy efficiency and low emissions. Its interior design is stylishly minimalistic and made from high-grade materials. In 2017, the project received an honorary mention at the German Architecture Awards, a “Best Architects 17” award and the German Wood Construction Prize. It also made it on the shortlist of the DAM Prize for Architecture.

Workshop for the future

Parents and children under one roof? Sure thing, except in the professional world. Coworking spaces are completely redefining work and life. Business and private life are allowed, even encouraged, to co-exist right next to each other. Almost all major cities have plenty of institutions with flexible opening hours that offer such childcare models. Not only are they a brilliant concept in themselves, they also tend to host a rich pool of creatives, ideas, business contacts and friendships for both parents and children.

Experience the combination of functionality, ergonomy and esthetics.

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