Excellent Parenthood


Family life in motion

This first issue of our RECARO magalogue – our special combination of magazine and catalogue – will take you on a lively journey through our product portfolio and its various sections for all age ranges. It is full of surprising perspectives on Excellent Parenthood, inspiring insights and many premium products for family life in motion.

Serial 4

Monza Nova IS
Young Sport Hero

Sit with distinction:

Parents-children culture:
aesthetics & cool

Serial 3


Have a safe trip:
our expert advise

Top priority:
your own needs

Serial 2

Zero.1 and Zero.1 Elite

Day care center:
with a modern design and low emissions

Coworking Spaces for 
parents and their kids

Serial 1

Guardia and Privia Evo

Infant carriers and baby gifts that parents love

RECARO Ingenious Design

Experience the combination of functionality, ergonomy and esthetics. 

See our child seat