9 - 18 kg | 9 months - 4,5 years | ECE Group I


The RECARO shuttle system shows the most intelligent and practical way to combine safety and functionality. The RECARO fix base and the infant carrier Privia make an unbeatable team for children up to 15 months. As soon as the child has grown out of the Privia the RECARO fix base can be used with the next stage seat Optia. This dream team consisting of base, infant carrier and child seat provides a perfect package for the first 4.5 years of travelling with your child.

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  • Easy and safe installation ONLY in combination with RECARO fix base
  • Also available as RECARO Optiafix with integrated Isofix base
  • Color indicators show correct installation at a glance
  • Space saving, foldable wings for maximum side impact protection
  • HERO safety system prevents belts from slipping or twisting and makes buckling up easy
  • Comfortable seating foam adapts perfectly to the body shape and provides necessary support
  • Setting recline position easy with one hand for comfortable sleeping
  • Adjustable headrest and recline position


Optia Black


Optia Graphite


Optia Shadow


Optia Ruby


Optia Pink


Optia Saphir


Optia Mocca


Optia Violet


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Is the Optia compatible with my vehicle?

Sorry, this seat is not approved for your vehicle.

Reasons for denied approval can be:

  • Limited space for the child seat
  • 3-point-belt is too short
  • After fixation at the car's Isofix connection the seat covers the buckle; a safe fixation with the 3-point-belt is not guaranteed any more (Group I/II/III)
  • Headrest of the car is not removable and prevents the child seat from being placed correctly
  • Storage compartment in the foot area does not allow installation with Isofix base (Group 0+/I)

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Safety notes for using RECARO Child Seats

Child seats with an ISOfix connection:

If the vehicle has a floor storage compartment, using an Isofix base is restricted.
This is dependent on whether the support leg of the base can be placed on the floor of the storage compartment (if necessary, remove cover) or if the vehicle manufacturer offers appropriate filling elements as an accessory to prevent the lid from breaking through.

Please read your vehicle's user manual thoroughly or contact your car dealership on this subject.

If these possibilities are not given we can't confirm the safe use of an Isofix system with support leg in combination with a floor storage compartment.

Thank you for your understanding.