Recaro Child Safety repositions itself

Recaro Child Safety is repositioning itself to consistently pursue the goal of innovation leadership. By expanding its presence in Germany and with a newly formed executive management team, which is to begin work by January 1, 2017, market and customer orientation is coming even more into focus at the child seat specialists.

With the repositioning, Recaro Child Safety is creating the prerequisites for sustainable and successful development of the company: The core competencies of customer orientation, innovation, and supply chain management will be strengthened. To this end, Recaro Child Safety is further establishing its presence in Germany. In the future, the company will be represented at two locations: The site Marktleugast will be expanded to become the “Competence Center Operations.” As “Competence Center Sales & Innovation,” Stuttgart will be added as a new location. The tasks of innovation management, industrial design, sales, and marketing will be established there.

A key element of the realignment is also the newly organized executive management team: As of January 1, 2017, Ralf Kindermann is responsible for sales and marketing as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “We are pleased to have found the ideal candidate for the task at Recaro Child Safety,” explains Martin Putsch, Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer at Recaro Holding. "With Ralf Kindermann, a proven sales expert who has extensive experience in the branded goods industry and multi-channel sales is joining the company.” The business school graduate worked for a variety of companies in various management positions. This included work as Managing Director at Internetstores and at Giant Germany. “Recaro Child Safety is characterized by innovative products and a great brand. I look forward to helping the company to create an even stronger market and customer orientation with my background,” says Ralf Kindermann.

For the new position of Chief Operations Officer, which includes development and supply chain management, the company was able to recruit Hartmut Schürg from the Recaro Group. He has great expertise in the field of development from his previous management positions at Recaro. He will retain his responsibilities for brand and design in the management of Recaro Holding to a reduced extent. Gerhard Kraus will complete the management team by continuing to contribute his expertise as Chief Financial Officer of Recaro Child Safety.

As part of the realignment, the current CEO Kai T. Weisskopf has decided to make his position available in order to take up a new professional challenge outside the Recaro Group. This step is being carried out on amicable terms with the executive management team of the Recaro Group. Martin Putsch: “Kai T. Weisskopf served Recaro in various positions for more than 20 years, since 2011 as CEO of Recaro Child Safety. We cordially thank him for his hard work. We wish him well in his career in the future, and we are pleased that he will continue to provide advice to Recaro Child Safety.”


The new management of RECARO Child Safety: CFO Gerhard Kraus, CEO Ralf Kindermann and COO Hartmut Schürg (from the left)

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