Full throttle for family: Interview with racing driver and mum of two Christina Surer

The Swiss Christina Surer lives a fast live: At the age of ten she already started modeling, later became a medical assistant and was a hot candidate for the title "Miss Switzerland" in 1993.

In 1994, she gave her racing debut at the Swiss karting championship and the motor racing world has been her home ever since. With her husband, the DTM race driver Martin Tomczyk, she has two children - Emily (3) and Lio James (1). Today, Christina Surer focuses on her family, but continues to work as a motorsport expert and presenter on stage and on camera.

How does a modelling nurse end up in motorsports?

Whether it is modeling or motorsports – what started out as a hobby became more and more. I put a lot of work and discipline into my passion for motorsports, was never impressed by prejudices or stereotypes and always given 100%. That paid off.

As a racing driver, how do you feel about safety and that influence you in your choice of strollers, child seats etc.?

As a racing driver one is certainly more aware of road hazards and chooses products especially careful when it comes to safety features. And even more so with children! That is why we did quite some research before we chose the brand we entrust with the safety of our two children.

In your job you've probably seen or witnessed a lot. With those experiences, can you give young parents a few safety tips?

Yes that's true. We should not penny pinch when it comes to safety and should not only pay attention to the look of a seat. If you have chosen the right child seat, make sure that the children are well buckled up and bulky jackets are taken off before - even if you are in a hurry. Take it easy on journeys and give yourself some extra time. From time to time you might also want to participate in driver safety training, with your own car at best.

You have your own family now. Are you still active as a racing driver or have your priorities changed?

Actually, priorities do shift the instant your baby is born. It's hard for me to officially give up my helmet but since my husband is also a racing driver, I do not feel comfortable with both of us being exposed to the risk. Fortunately, I have more than enough work with my job as a presenter and advertising contracts that I enjoy.

What is faster - changing a tire or installing a child seat? And do you need your pit crew for folding the Easylife buggy?

Both things are a quick fix quickly, if you know how. But I was surprised by how quickly and easily the Easylife buggy can be opened and closed. Absolutely no problem even for mums without technical insight.

If you should share one of your happiest moments with us, what would it be?

Without a doubt: The birth of my two children Emily Grace (3 years) and Lio James (1 year). This first moment with your child is not comparable to anything else in the world.

You look super fit. Do you have some last-minute beach body tips for our RECARO community?

Well, after my maternity leave and my accident last September, where I broke a vertebra, I also have to catch up again. But it's actually not that hard, if you are always doing a SOMETHING and those little sins are just the exceptions. Cereal or a smoothie for breakfast, sports - currently I am on the cross trainer and power plate 3 to 4 times a week - or I go for a run with the kids and our dog Rooky.


Christina, thank you for your time and we wish you and your family all the best!

Interview by Susi Schnedelbach, Marketing Manager, RECARO Child Safety.


Photos: ©Markus Hofmann, ©DTM, ©Katja Herz, ©Christina Surer

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