Racing Edition
9 months - 12 years
9 - 36 kg

Limited edition in reliable RECARO quality

Striking racing design in black and red

Not only appealing to motorsport fans

Rallye stripes, exquisite embroidery + stitching

Recommended retailers
Recommended retailers
Recommended retailers

RECARO Racing Edition

RECARO introduces a limited racing design for their child seats of the Monza Nova Family and the Young Sport HERO.

The striking designs in black and red appeal not only to motorsport fans. Exquisite embroidery, distinctive stitching and the typical rallye stripes make the limited seats valuable and unique pieces. The design pays tribute to the strong automotive heritage of RECARO and reflects the knowhow transfer within the RECARO group. Each RECARO child seats benefits from many years of experience in the Automotive and Aircraft Seating industry.

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Monza Nova 2 Seatfix / 36 months - 12 years, 15 - 36 kg, ECE-Group II/III
Monza Nova IS / 9 months - 12 years, 
9 - 36 kg, ECE-Group I/II/III
Young Sport HERO / 9 months - 12 years, 9 - 36 kg, ECE-Group I/II/III

Child seat is suitable for fixing in your car with the RECARO Isofix connectors. The child is secured with the car’s own three-point seatbelt.
Testing regulation which the seat has passed.
The child seat can also be used with the car’s own three-point safety belt.
RECARO ASP Advanced Side Protection: special protection in the case of side impact.
RECARO ACS: passive air circulation system
RECARO Sound System: loudspeakers integrated into the headrest.

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